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British Swim School

Available at PA Fitness Galleria Mall (York)

"Our mission is to ensure that every person, regardless of age or ability, has the opportunity to become a safe and happy swimmer.  We work with everyone from 3 months old to Adults to meet this mission."

The Lancaster British Swim School's experienced instructors deliver enjoyable and gentle teaching techniques in intimate group settings. This approach, along with heated, indoor pools, ensures the optimal learning conditions for all students.

Learn more visiting the British Swim School Website or by finding them on social media:

Instagram Facebook Email  |  717-945-6114

Floats to Strokes

Available at PA Fitness Hershey

Their expert team of certified staff have all the teaching techniques and information your child needs to be ready for emergency situations in the water. Their approach is backed by data, evidenced based techniques, and self-correct science that emphasize the natural instinct of survival if an emergency were to occur.

Session dates into summer are tentatively set for:

  • Early Spring Session: 4/1 - 5/5
  • Spring Bloom Session: 5/6 - 6/9
  • Summer Session: 6/10 anticipated start date.

Learn more visiting the Floats To Strokes website or by finding them on social media:

Facebook Contact |  717-554-2521